Top 10 Youtubers Most Viewed Videos

Top 10 Youtubers Most Viewed Videos

Are you one of the billions who've watched these splendid-famous youtubers most viewed videos  ?

Now over a decade old, YouTube is in truly of an identity disaster, suffering for control with its very own fans and fighting an uphill battle toward expanded monetization. 

That makes this an strangely true time to take a look returned on the movies which have made YouTube well-known–and earned billions upon billions of perspectives.

The panorama of high-quality-famous films may be very one-of-a-kind from what it once became, although. whilst conventional viral movies like Charlie Bit My Finger or Chocolate Rain characterised the first half-decade of YouTube’s most viewed content, these days the list is nearly completely dominated via track videos. 

While traditional avenues for such media can be all but lifeless, in 2019, YouTube song films are a number of the most popular movies ever viewed within the history of the medium.

Millennial and new generations of internet users recall YouTube the most trusted media platform within the international, and if those view counts are anything to go by, the pleasant region to look at song videos too.

Youtubers Most Viewed Videos


Katy Perry keeps to hold onto the top 10 as Roar maintains its recognition, narrowly beating out Taylor rapid (although the two pop stars are nonetheless neck and neck for the location).

Firstly making its appearance at the web site on September 5, 2013, Roar became teased multiple instances on YouTube, marking one of the few pinnacle-10 motion pictures in this list to use the platform for pre-release advertising. 

A lyric video launched on the identical day as the main video has itself garnered nearly ninety million views.

as the oldest music video on our list apart from Gangnam fashion, Roar seems to have actual staying energy and need to stay one of the global’s most considered YouTube videos for a while to come.

9. MAROON 5 – SUGAR (2.ninety nine BILLION)

You wouldn’t assume a tune video loosely based on the plot of a mid-2000s comedy like wedding ceremony Crashers, to be a mega hit, but that’s exactly what took place with Maroon five’s Sugar. 

Possibly it’s due to the fact both film and track video had the equal director, or because Maroon five itself has been a household call in pop music for close to 25 years. 

Whatever the purpose, Sugar slips into our wide variety eight spot with just shy of 2.9 billion perspectives at the time of writing.

It premiered on Maroon five’s Vevo channel on YouTube on January 14, 2015 and would be the biggest hit from that yr if it weren’t also joined via Sorry and see You once more.


From time to time a track becomes well-known completely as it’s an earworm. We’ve seen it appear with Barney within the early days, it’s no wonder it'd occur with a kid’s track about a shark family. child Shark Dance, producing by using Korean pop producer Pinkfong, isn’t a complex music. It has sharks, repetition, and a considerable amount of existential dread – that’s approximately it.

But, this tune has shot as much as grow to be the newest member at the list and encourage endless variations discovered throughout YouTube. let’s be honest, if mentioning child Shark and playing it 12 instances in a row is the only manner to calm your little one down, each discern with net goes to do exactly that. count on child Shark’s meteoric rise to keep.


Even though Justin Bieber will be the second musical artist to ever gain a one thousand million-view video on YouTube, Sorry wasn’t it (that was toddler). although it has proved to be his most famous YouTube video through a long way, with extra than 3 billion views so far, Sorry was most effective the 22nd video to attain the billion view mark.

however, the track video fast proved itself, turning into one of the fastest to attain the 2 billion mark and without problems sailing into the three billion with out plenty hassle.

It changed into at first supposed to be only a lyric video, so it turned into possibly fortunate that it ended up as the primary video for the track, considering its huge reputation.

6. PSY – GANGNAM style (three.38 BILLION)

A true icon in monster YouTube video records, Psy’s Gangnam fashion become the first actual YouTube video to be regarded more than a thousand million times.

Even more exceptional on the time, was that it did it in less than six months after its launch (from July to December 2012). it would cross on to end up the primary video to attain billion perspectives in may additionally 2014, and it wasn’t till 2015 that it'd actually have a near competitor.

although nowadays more than one hundred videos on YouTube have been watched extra than one thousand million instances every, Gangnam style still stays one of the maximum watched videos of all time, beating off plenty younger opposition to keep its top ten spot nearly seven years after its release.


Despite being older than the pinnacle three motion pictures in this list, Uptown Funk keeps to attract in lots of new viewers and stays a danger to their medal placings. It made its YouTube debut in November 2014 and swiftly became one of the maximum popular and nicely-favored motion pictures ever.

Arguably simply as impressive as its universal view be counted is that it beat off such stiff competition from its contemporaries. large music movies from other important artists, like Ed Sheeran, as well as Taylor fast, and Katy Perry, have all visible their huge 2014 hits reap multiple billions of perspectives. Uptown Funk nonetheless manages to eclipse them all and edges ever towards turning into the fourth video to obtain 4 billion views.

4. MASHA AND THE undergo – RECIPE FOR catastrophe (3.ninety two BILLION)

The best video in this list that isn’t a music video and best one in all three that isn’t absolutely in English, Masha and the endure is a selected episode of a Russian youngsters’s cartoon by the equal name (or Маша и Медведь in Russian). 

The display is extremely popular outdoor of its domestic country, although, and lots of its episodes have garnered big view counts on YouTube. It’s additionally broadcast on Netflix and NBCUniversal in a collective episode layout.

The Recipe for disaster episode, even though, is of precise hobby for its astronomical view rely. it's far in a hallowed membership of simply seven movies that have eclipsed three billion views and it’s the maximum popular non-track video of all time at the site, perhaps anywhere.

The aspect is, the episode isn’t on the professional Masha and the bear channel. Get movies, the channel that uploaded this specific episode, has achieved thoroughly for itself from simply this one children’s show episode.

3. WIZ KHALIFA – SEE YOU once more feet. CHARLIE PUTH (four.17 BILLION)

The first video on this list to have a film tie-in to aid its advertising, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s See You again has been viewed more than four billion times since its April 2015 debut. 

Launched to resource merchandising of the film, livid 7 (of the short and the furious franchise), it additionally served as a shape of tribute to deceased megastar of the collection, Paul Walker, who the movie itself additionally acted as a tribute to.

The tune video for the music turned into briefly the maximum regarded video on YouTube among July 10, 2017 and August 4 that same 12 months, dethroning Gangnam style. It became eclipsed in flip, by using our primary video, Despacito. 

It turned into also the most appreciated video on the streaming site between August 26, 2016 and July 25, 2017. It changed into the second one video to ever bypass the 2 billion view mark and is one in every of most effective 3 videos to be considered greater than four billion instances.

2. ED SHEERAN – shape OF YOU (four.30 BILLION)

You can arguably tack an extra 800 million views to Ed Sheeran’s maximum famous YouTube hit, because the lyric video launched along is a extremely famous video in its own proper. 

Whether or not you do, or no longer though, there’s no denying that form of You is one of the most watched movies of all time. It holds information because the 0.33 fastest video to reach one thousand million views, and is the second fastest to attain billion, and three billion views as properly.

Even though it is nearly matched in views through See You once more, shape of You is an awful lot greater present day. It done all of its view rely accolades in just two years, having debuted in January 2017. It appears poised to best cement itself similarly as the second most popular video of all time.


For a site run by way of an American business enterprise and ruled by using English-talking content, it’s perhaps a wonder to see that the maximum popular YouTube video of all time (and one that shows no sign of being eclipsed whenever quickly), is sung nearly totally in Spanish. 

Presenting Puerto Rico artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, Despacito hit YouTube in January 2017 and racked up more than 1000000000 perspectives in only 97 days — the second one fastest run ever. it'd move directly to come to be the quickest to garner two billion perspectives and the first ever video to eclipse 4, and five and now six billion views.

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