10 Reasons to Avoid Blogger or Blogspot

10 Reasons to Avoid Blogger or Blogspot

Are you the usage of Blogger or blogspot as a running a blog platform to make money? however Blogger isn't a endorsed platform to begin blogging. here are 10 motives to keep away from Blogger.

Blogger or blogspot is a popular blogging platform by way of Google which is free and overtly to be had. you could start a weblog free of charge and even make money with it in case you are a fortunate one. but Blogger isn't that excellent now in 2019 where competition is just too excessive.

In case you are trying to make a large logo along with your running a blog abilities and choosing Blogger as a platform you then are genuinely fallacious and also you need to keep away from Blogger or blogspot  for the higher of your weblog.

However to say anything about why you need to avoid Blogger, you ought to be privy to Blogger.

What is Blogger or Blogspot ?

Blogger is a platform from Google wherein bloggers can create their blogs free of charge and start blogging. it's far unfastened and open to all of us. All you want is to have a Google account and you may sign on for Blogger. 

Right here you get a subdomain with the name of your blog and blogspot.com is the principle area introduced to the URL of your weblog. also, if you want to cast off the blogspot.com then you could purchase a custom area from Google. this is a high-quality platform for individuals who love writing and need to begin their very own blog.

Why you need to keep away from Blogger?

10 Reasons to Avoid Blogger or Blogspot

1. Awful for search engine optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization and in case you are looking to build and target market then you definitely can not compromise on search engine optimization. 

However in case you are the usage of Blogger as a blogging platform then Google does not bear in mind it quality for search engine optimization. 

You don’t get your content material optimized for serps and the links are most effective .html. So, all we can say is that you could barely rank with a Blogger website.

2. No Authority

Authority is more than a few given to domains primarily based on traffic it has and the content it places. And, it subjects in phrases of the general fitness of a website. 

Higher the Authority method better the web page. by using default 1 is the area authority and it may go up to a hundred. but if you are the use of Blogger then you definitely don’t even get a domain. 

And, if you don’t have a website then how will you build authority to it.

3. No Alexa ranking

Alexa ranking is the rating given to websites based totally on a number of human beings journeying a website. 1 is the pinnacle ranking and it could be as much as any number. Lesser the rating better the internet site. 

Websites like Google, fb, Youtube are some pinnacle rating web sites. So, when you have a big wide variety of people journeying your website then your ranking have to be less that means right. 

but, you can't take a look at the Alexa rating of your weblog if it is using the Blogger. due to the fact all you get is a sub-area from Blogspot.

4. Terrible impact on Branding

If you are trying to construct a logo no longer a weblog then Blogger is not the platform for you. assume you have got a internet site with a huge wide variety of humans each day travelling your internet site and the whole lot goes so good. 

But all of a sudden you've got every other website but this one is primarily based on Blogger. Now, what do you believe you studied which website will be favored by way of brands? 

You just were given your answer. Blogger creates a negative impact to your branding and ruins the efforts which you have made.

5. Tough to get one way links

A one way link is a referral link that acts as a supporter within the eyes of engines like google. So, if extra web sites are ranking to you it method your website is right. And, it subjects plenty when a inbound link is coming from a reputed internet site.

Allow’s say you convinced the most important internet site for your area of interest to present a oneway link in go back for a guest submit. 

but, imagine what would be the response when the opposite blogger might come to know that your weblog is on Blogger. no one might agree to hyperlink to a blogger website.

6. Design Troubles

Design is the format or appears of a website and also you should agree that an awesome searching internet site is a have to. And, better the appearance of your website is it’s going to be extra attractive right. 

To get a new appearance you need an amazing theme. There are masses of loose and top class issues that you can get. but, the hassle is that even with a premium subject matter you cannot customize the whole lot. There are only a few matters that can be changed here.

7. Ownership & Manipulate

Ownership and control cross hand in hand. in case you very own something you then have the whole manage, over it. 

However within the case of Blogger, you aren't proudly owning your internet site. regardless of you have got the control of it however the control of the platform as an entire lies with the owner and Google is the owner of Blogger. 

Irrespective of how difficult you work if Google makes a decision to shut the platform then your weblog is just long past.

8. Phrases and Conditions

If you are using a platform you will must adhere to its regulations. And, Google could be very strict about its policies. if you violate their terms and situations., they can droop your blog whenever. 

And, you don’t need to to head your efforts waste by means of violating a unmarried circumstance. So, if you are ignoring their guidelines then you are just dwelling on your success. And, they can droop your weblog each time quickly.

9. Monetization

Monetization is the absolute driving pressure anything to do. if you are putting your efforts for something then you are clearly seeking to make cash with it. 

And, as inside the case of Blogger, Google Adsense is the best manner to monetize the blog. you could make money with it but that too confined. 

Because you have got only a few constrained places to region your ads. And, if your Adsense account receives suspended then how can you're making money?

10. Your Absolute Recognition

After you recognize which you have a whole lot of issues beforehand with your blog then how are you going to focus for your work. 

There is some thing going on continually in the lower back of your mind that this is not the coolest element to invest time in. 

So, to start a blog it's far suggested to get a terrific internet site and post a blog so s to provide your a hundred% interest.

Those are the issues which can be constantly there with Blogger and you recognize why you have to avoid Blogger. as it isn't proper in your blog ultimately. 

The nice way is to get a site and a server space and use WordPress to submit a blog. Or you could use a custom domain on Blogger too.

What are your evaluations on Blogger a blogging platform?

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