Blogging Vs Youtube ! Which is the best full time career in 2019

Blogging Vs Youtube ! Which is the best full time career in 2019
In India from final 2 years, specially in 2018 lot of folks that wish to make cash from online, their first choice was to be a video author on platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok etc.

But the current situation on YouTube which is one of the world’s biggest video sharing website has massive crowd.

it appears that evidently now in 2019 the variety of video creators in India has exponentially grown, which has resulted less sales and extra opposition that's making this platform honestly difficult than blogging.

If we considered the monetization eligibility has been made a great deal hard on YouTube as opposed to on a weblog, as we all recognize that prior to 2017 it become considered that blogging is a good deal tough than YouTube,

Because it turned into difficult to approve a weblog through Google AdSense at that point and monetizing a YouTube channel is very easy simply create a channel add motion pictures and monetize it.

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But in 2017 due to Reliance jio effect in India lot of people get 4G information at very low fee due which people in India started the use of YouTube and looking motion pictures lots and progressively

They also got here to understand that you may make money by way of importing films on YouTube, that’s why within the starting good enough 2017 YouTube has changed its monetization eligibility standards two requirement of ten thousand views and 1000 subscribers.

However after 1 yr again in 2018 in April YouTube again revised its monetization eligibility standards 4000 hours watch time and one thousand subscribers there after the channel will pass in a guide review and after that the channel could be monetized.

This motion had made YouTube as a difficult career than blogging, alternatively the gang of the individuals who are trying to be a blogger very less because of which it's far relatively less difficult to approve Google AdSense account on any blog and in particular when Google started allowing blogs in special local languages inclusive of Hindi, Bengali .

Then now in 2019 it is a whole lot useful to be a great blogger instead of losing it slow on YouTube, i'm not pronouncing that YouTube isn't always a great profession anymore but my private perspective is the quantity of hard work which is being completed in growing movies on YouTube isn't always equivalent to the money that YouTube be created

Thru marketing and other means even it has been loaded that the sales charges per a thousand video views on YouTube has long gone decreased daily while on the opposite side in running a blog the we get very high advertising revenue as compared to YouTube, additionally now a day it's miles very easy to get your blog authorized by way of Google AdSense if it is in any local language compared to English.

One greater fundamental huge changes inside the area of running a blog and Google AdSense had made blogging a higher career because previous to 2017 it turned into obligatory for any blog to get its most site visitors from organic searches

And it become is it that if you have become an awful lot site visitors from social media in preference to organic seek of Google then it changed into lot of problems that your advertisements account may be suspended however now in 2019 it's miles cited that now Google isn't taking it a whole lot significantly and those are free to apply maximum traffic from any social media including YouTube, fb, Twitter, Instagram etc.

One another factor has greatly impacted this commercial enterprise because initially the beginners blogger don’t recognize a way to optimize their website or blog in line with seek engine which is called search engine optimization , i.e search engine optimization,

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And we ought to rent in seo professional for this cause however nowadays there are lot of clean plugin and use of WordPress has made it viable that any individual beginners blogger or website fashion designer or developer can easily optimize his internet site in line with search engine via using numerous available plugins in the market.

As all of us know that the algorithm of Google modifications with time and a huge alternate became made while use of one-way links and its introduction is modified to do comply with link and nofollow links

Because humans what intelligent in 2016 and locate fake and spamming way to construct back-links on their new internet site which Google detected and modified that if any website have number of one way links but if it is not from a quality internet site then it would no longer be taken into consideration undoubtedly.

Then human beings started out another way of making oneway links which is authentic including guest posting and social media alerts.

In particular social media have an effect on had not modified the manner of blogging due to the fact Google Now accept as true with this issue that if you have a very good following in our social media account then you definitely website is authentic and the traffic to be able to get from do social media hyperlinks and references can flip your site visitors into money

Very last conclusion  

In 12 months 2019, my suggestion would be profession in running a blog is a whole lot brighter then a video author in phrases of cash however if you are interested in being well-known then of route YouTube will be a miles better platform than blogging

Otherwise if you are simplest involved about money then pass beforehand with running a blog not anything could beat it in terms of sales whilst it as compared with the tough paintings which you do on writing articles than creating and modifying films for your YouTube channel.

The scenario is even worst when a video writer is developing humorous films on such channels most of its sales is going to the copyright owner of the tune that you used for boosting your motion pictures,

However nonetheless however facet if you are creating any educational , technical channels then the condition is not so awful and yes I do admit that YouTube offers you experience growing and recognition with cash

However running a blog does no longer give you plenty extra repute popularity but it gives you operate a number of money for the tough paintings you do in writing articles so it’s your selection that what you wish to pick out your career in 2019 both YouTube or blogging.

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